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Well Service Overview

Alberta companies Efficient Technologies Inc., and partner Petrospec Engineering Inc. provide pressure-balanced wellbore cleaning by conveying their unique E-Vac tool in a coiled tubing format. The primary objective of this technology is to create a low-pressure environment in the wellbore to pump fluids and/or solids to surface in the absence of back pressure on the well reservoir.

Efficient’s specialized “E-Vac Tool” is deployed in the well using concentric umbilical coiled tubing. The E-Vac Tool is specifically configured with both a venturi and jetting nozzle facilitating concurrent solids jetting and production of emulsion to a surface holding tank.

A common problem with horizontal well types is solids accumulation in the lateral section. This inhibits inflow resulting in lost productivity. Using conventional well cleaning procedures, lower pressure wells become overbalanced defeating the purpose of the cleanout operation. Using Efficient’s pressure balanced cleanout technique, all wellbore solids are evacuated from the well with a minimum disturbance to the formation.

E-Vac Standard General Lease  Arrangement

(drawing credit to Petrospec Engineering Inc.)

E-VAC General Arrangement DrawingE-VAC Standard Service

•2400m of 2 3/8” x 1 1/2” concentric coiled tubing
•For long-reach horizontal wells with sand plugs throughout the horizontal section
•Designed for casing or liner sizes ranging from 4 1/2” – 7”
•Minimum static BHP of 500kPa required
•24-hr operational staff

E-Vac Lite – General Lease  Arrangement

(drawing credit to Petrospec Engineering Inc.)
E-VAC Lite General Arrangeent Drawing
E-VAC Lite Service
•<1700m of 2” x 1 1/4” concentric coiled tubing
•Designed for short vertical/deviated wells with sand plugs where bailing is not effective
•Designed for casing or liner sizes ranging from 4 1/2” – 5 1/2”
•Minimum static BHP of 250kPa required
•Requires significantly less equipment/personnel/time on site than E-VAC Standard
•12-hr operational staff


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