E-Vac Difference

Job Efficiency / Cost Optimization

It is commonly believed that conventional Jet Pumps are inefficient. Efficient’s novel – “Patent Pending” jet pump tool design offers considerably better performance for the same power fluid injection rates. With better lift the job goes faster while jetting performace has also been optimized to clean sand blockages at maximum efficiency.E-Vac Test Data High Res Pres

System Benefits Include

EFFICIENCY–Efficient’s E-Vac tool increases lift efficiency considerably when compared to traditional Jet Pump performance thereby facilitating better cleaning at faster penetration rates reducing customer costs.

RESULTS–E-Vac’s multi-port jetting action ensures 100% of the jetting power is utilized. This unique design removes solids plugging with the greatest turbulence and speed possible.

DURABILITY–The E-Vac tool handles formation fines in a more effective way. The unique configuration of this pump mitigates mixing tube erosion and better directs and fluidizes the solids through the stream to avoid contact with the pump. Extended pump life reduces time on location due to reduced pump changes on the job.

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