The E-Vac Process

Well Cleanout System

The E-Vac Tool is conveyed on the dual coiled tubing using one annulus for power fluid injection and the other annulus for wellbore fluids & solids returns.  The E-Vac Tool is equipped with a nozzle/throat configuration that is optimized for the candidate wells.  The tool is also equipped with forward jets to fluidize sand and mobilize oil.

This well cleanout system has been designed to clean frac sand, formation solids and/or drilled material from low to high-pressure reservoirs. The dual umbilical tubing facilitates the delivery of motor (power) fluid to the Jet pump while high-pressure jetting action slurries solids in the wellbore. Returns are forced through the second umbilical conduit to surface. No fluids are lost into the formation during cleanout operations.

Efficient’s onsite staff will monitor surface returns to determine net oil, water and sand being produced. The produced fluid is mixed at the surface with specific chemicals designed as required to reduce friction and improve cleanout performance.

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